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Officers and Directors



Officers and Directors




Tom Gamel – President

Paul Smith – Vice President

Dave Hogan – Treasurer

Sheila Mudd Baker – Secretary

Don Beets – Past President




Joe Bischof

Cathy Cordes

Ralph Goldsmith

John Hines

Bob Jansen

Jim Johns

Mark Jones

Jim McCarthy

Rita Stull

Dean Watkins




Lisa Bader

Frank DeSalvo   

Ann DeGroot 

Communication Committee:

Ralph Godsmith, Chairperson

Don Beets

Isabelle Schwarberg

Phyllis Morris

Gardell Smith

Jennifer Molony

Skip Vodegel

The purpose of the Communication Committee is to provide timely, accurate and easy to read information to all or selected groups of retirees.

Our immediate and ongoing goal would be to implement and maintain the website, We will maintain the website in order to provide information to all retirees and to provide a discussion page, i.e., an outlet for retirees to communicate with one another about retirement concerns.  We also envision that the website could be expanded in the future to provide an outlet for retirees to communicate with each other about social activities, and to share information that could be helpful to those City employees contemplating retirement (based on our experience with the actual deed).

A second immediate goal is to communicate with new retirees in a professional yet friendly fashion that will encourage them to join CMERA.

A mid range goal is to establish a regular mailing (newsletter) to all CMERA members and a bi-annual mailing to ALL retirees.

A second mid range goal is to establish regular social activities that promote CMERA and encourage retirees to join the group.

All goals are subject to approval by the Board of Directors/Executive Committee.